Ph D Guide

Details Of Ph D Guide And Students:

Sr. No.
Name of the Guide
Reorganization No./Dt. & Subject
No. of Ph.D. Students
1Dr.K.J.GanatraPG/PhD/483/06 Dt. 26/06/2006 Chemistry0103
2Dr.J.J.UpadhyayPG/PhD/1217/2007 Dt. 13/07/2007 Chemistry0311
3Dr. A. P. GoswamiReg. No. P.G./PhD/3143/2012 Date:20/12/2012 Zoology04--
4Dr. Gira P MankadPhD guideship no: PGTR/2/PhDguide/20/38/17 Date:03/01/20170601
5Dr. Daxa J. JotangiyaPGTR/2/Ph.D. guide recg. 009/470/15 Dt:12/02/2015 Food and Nutrition0306