Sports & Physical Training

Sports and physical training imbibes in the students discipline, leadership qualities, courage and team spirit. It prepares the students to receive success and defeat equanimously. Ms. Bhavana Khoyani is the Physical Training Instructor.

The institution supports and incentivizes the achievers in different sports. The college has been able to perform well in the of team games such as Cricket and Basket ball. In addition to team games, the students have performed brillianlty in college and University level sports.Many students of our college have represented the state in sports like Cricket, Basketball, Swimming, Chess, handball, weight lifting, boxing and judo and won prizes. Trekking camps are frequently organized.

The institution has following sports facilities:

  • Basketball court
  • Hockey ground
  • Volleyball court
  • Indoor sports room

The institution hosted the Inter College Basket Ball Competition organized by Saurashtra University. The institution organized a twelve day tracking camp at Ernakulam in Kerala.

No.Name of the studentCompetitionLevelAchievement
01Gadhiya Niketa C.BasketballInter UniversityParticipation
02Panchasara Vandana H.BasketballInter UniversityParticipation
03Gadhiya Niketa C.HandballInter UniversityParticipation
04Purohit Heta D.CricketInter UniversityParticipation
05Shah Megha P.CricketInter UniversityParticipation
06Lunagariya Bhumi DWeight lifting Power liftingInter UniversityParticipation
07Pandya Krishna M.BoxingNationalParticipation
08Gohil Harsha R.BoxingNationalParticipation
09Vachhani Bijal C.BoxingNationalParticipation
10Pandya Krishna M.BoxingStateFirst
11Gohil Harsha R.BoxingStateFirst
12Vachhani Bijal C.BoxingStateFirst
13Banugariya Darshana R.BoxingStateSecond
14Changani Ridhdhi C.BoxingStateSecond
15Dave Janki H.BoxingStateSecond
16Santoki Jemini D.BoxingStateSecond
17Bhut Krupali CBoxingStateThird
18Vekariya KomalBoxingStateThird
19Santoki Jemini D.JudoStateThird
20Sitapara Ila R.BasketballStateSubstitute
  • The college won the title of General Champion in Gujarat State Amateur Boxing Competition in 2009 and Gujarat State Wrestling Trial for Senior Men and Women in 2009.
  • Ms. Vijaya Modhavadia got a certificate from Himachal Pradesh for participation in Manali Tracking camp organized by Saurashtra University
  • Ms. Pandya Krishna Markandbhai the student of B.Sc Chemistry achieved the “Sardar Patel Award” from Gujarat government for achieving Ist rank in Gujarat state Amateur Boxing Competition.

The following students have participated in various competitions

Inter University
01Ghadhiya Niketa B.M.Sci.H.Sci.Basket BallM.G.Uni. Kottaya
02Thummar Nita R.

F.Y.B.Sci.Basket BallM.G.Uni. Kottaya
03Sankdiya Gulab P.F.Y.B.Sc. H.Hand BallGantur (vijay Vada)
04Sarvaiya Dixita A.F.Y.B.Sc.HockeyGivaji Uni.(Gwalior)
05Judasiya Punam D.T.Y.B.Sc. HCricketKalikat Uni.(Kalikat)
06Dadhhaniya Dhara L.F.Y.B.Sc. H.Soft ballAmrutsar (kalikat)

Nationl Boxing Competition

07Basida Priynka A.F.Y.B.Sc. H.S.P.S.B. Jamsedpur (Tata Nagar)
08Solanki Tejal J.S.Y.B.Sc. H.S.P.S.B. Jamsedpur (Tata Nagar)
09Japadiya Chandni R.S.Y.B.Sc.S.P.S.B. Jamsedpur (Tata Nagar)
10Vaja Dixita M.S.Y.B.Sc.S.P.S.B. Jamsedpur (Tata Nagar)

Total Participatents ….10
Inter College Turnament
01Santoki Jemini D.Inter universityHockeyBanasthali
02Ghadhiya Niketa B.Inter universityCricketTamilnadu
03Khandheriya Bhavika M.Inter universityCricketTamilnadu
04Judasiya Punam D.Inter universityCricketTamilnadu
05Japadiya Chandani R.Inter universityCricketTamilnadu
06Varsani Shailendri V.Inter universityBasket BallAmravati Univesity
07Bumtariya Jalpa V.NationalTenni KoitKerala
08Panchasara Vandna HRanjiCricketPune

Thirty eight students have participated in various inter college sports competitions:
NoSportsTotal participantsPlace
01ChessTwoShri P.D. Malviya College, Rajkot
02Soft BallFourteenShri P.D. Malviya College, Rajkot
03CricketSixteenM.V.M. Arts & Compu. College, Rajkot
04Basket BallOneShri G.H. Gosar Gosarani College, Jamnagar
05JudoFiveM.V.M.. Sci. & H.Sci. college, Rajkot