Study Circle

During the post accreditation process, the institution felt a need for a platform to provide the students a window for horizontal as well as vertical flow of information and talent. Study Circles formed in the institution help inculcate in the students leadership quality, teamwork, research habits and management and utilization of knowledge. The college has a uniquely conceived mission to provide a unique learning and teaching experience which will enable the students and teachers to realize their innate potential and mould their overall personality.

The functions of the study circles are as follows:

  • To encourage students to take part in various activities.
  • To inculcate in the students a research habit.
  • To provide students opportunity for leadership competence.
  • To promote in students a culture of teamwork and cooperation.
  • To equip students with management qualities.
  • To develop qualities of self reliance, discipline and self confidence.
  • To arrange various programmes, activities, study tours, etc.
  • To bring horizontal mobility into practice.
  • To help them to grow holistically.
  • To establish academic flexibility.
  • To ensure the required, sufficient and enriched information to our students, who will be the future consultants and counselors in this field.
  • To broaden skills and depth of the knowledge in other areas of their interest.
  • To provide need-based value-oriented education

Activities carried out include –

  • Guest / Expert lectures
  • Visits to industries / field
  • Arranging workshops / seminars
  • Display of articles, photographs etc. on notice boards

Teaching unconventional uses of laboratory equipments and modes of carrying out practicals.