Book Publication

Genuine engagement of faculty with research and their academic aptitude generates appreciable outcome of various s publications like research papers, abstracts and books. In last FIVE years the faculties have published books with reputed book publishing agencies such as, Cambridge University Press, Saurashtra University, Rajkot (UGC Unassigned Grant) Asiatech Publishers Inc, New Delhi, New India Publishing Agency, New Delhi and other publishing agencies of this region.

Sr. No.
No. of Books
1Dr. K.J.Ganatra-
2Dr.(MS) D. M. Vasavada10
3Ms. N. H. Parmar-
4Dr. J.J. Upadhyay-
5Dr. P.J.Chovatiya-
7Dr. K.L.Galachar-
8Dr. (Ms) C. M. Rajyaguru-
9Dr. S.M.Gondaliya07
10Dr. A. P. Goswami-
11Dr. F.K.Kokni-
12Ms. R.S.Rathore-
13Dr. C. M. Thaker-
14Dr. N.N.Gosai-
15Dr. (Ms) J.B.Ranpara04
16Ms. H. K. Bhadaniya06
17Dr. (Ms) B. M. Vaid05
18Dr. (Ms) D. J. Jotangiya05
19Dr. (Ms) G. P. Mankad08
20Dr. (Ms) B.P.Khoyani03
21Dr. M. B.Mehta-
22Ms. K.V.Desai-
23Dr. B.B.Mehta-