Spectrum, the college wall magazine, was launched in 2010, and it adequately reflects the quintessential character and colours of the institution. The creations by students and staff are supervised by the faculty, Dr. J.J.Upadhyay before being displayed.
A full-fledged college magazine is a prerequisite for a college which aspires to impart quality education to the students and aims at holistic development of students. In today’s competitive world it is not enough for a higher education institution that it fulfills the academic obligations to its students. For any higher education institution it is now imperative to transcend curriculum and to strive to bring out the latent potential of the students and to provide them a platform to burgeon, bloom and blossom. Spectrum, a quaterly for inhouse circulation has been visualized as a tool to accomplish these motives. Spectrum works to see the efflorescence of promising buds. It radiates the many hues of the institutional endeavours and aspirations. It is a vehicle of intellectual deliberations and imaginative flights of fancy. It waters the intellectual curiosity of the students and enkindles a spirit of inquisition and critical analysis. Ms. Jayshree Ranpara, the editor, and Ms. Heena Bhadaniya, Ms. Devyani Joshi, Dr. Kalpana Vyas, Dr. Chetna Rajyaguru, Ms. Bhavana Khoyani, Dr. A.P. Goswami, Dr. C.M. Thaker and Dr. J.J. Upadhyay and Ms. Rekha Rathod, the sub-editors of this quarterly, have given this magazine its distinct and unique identity.
Spectrum consists of seven sections. Wings of Imagination, Faculty’s Views, Gems Collection, Around the Campus, Science Facts, Arts & Culture, and Career Corner. As the denominations themselves suggest these seven sections of Spectrum contain writings of the faculties and students. Spectrum is a medium of expression and a contribution to a common goal of self-determination .It focuses on the articles that serve as a vital forum for the presentation of diverse experiences and opinions of teachers as well as students through facts, art work, prose, poetry, and scholarly writing by, for, and about culture (present and past) and academia of MVM.



SPECTRUM Volume I, Issue I, Jan-2017-18

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