Swarnim Gujarat – Saptadhara

1st May 1960 was the day of new beginning for Gujarat when it got a status of separate state . Since the state hood, Gujarat has never looked back and achieved many milestones and has led the way for other states to emulate. True, the state has through its rich culture, deep rooted heritage and colorful vibrancy has compelled everyone to look at the state with awe and respect. Now that the Gujarat is completing 50 years of its formation, the state is celebrating its Golden Jubilee. The celebrations are not only for achievements of past i.e. the glorious journey that Gujarat has been through over the years and for land mark achievements across sectors but also for a vision – A vision of even better Gujarat, A vision of a prosperous Gujarat, A vision where every Gujarati person is educated, A vision where every Gujarati person is healthy, A vision of a clean Gujarat, A vision of Green Gujarat, A vision of modern Gujarat. This is the vision of the leader of this state – Honourable Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi, who thinks that the youth of the state will have to play a key role to achieve this dream. To expolit the potential of today’s youth and utilize it for the fulfillment of the dream of ‘Golden Gujarat”, several activities have been started under the Saptadhara – the seven streams namely the Gyan Dhara, Geet Sangeet Nritya Dhara, Natya Dhara, Rang Kala Kaushalya Dhara, Sarjanatmak Dhara, Samuday Seva Dhara, and Khel Kud Dhara.

The students of the college have performed brilliantly and with overwhelming enthusiasm in different events organized under these dharas.

Two days workshop was organized on Glass and Pot Painting under Rang Kala Kaushlya Dhara on 23 and 24th Sept. 2009.
A one month “Martial Art Camp” was organized by the college as a part of ‘Vyayam, Yoga, Khel-kud Dhara’ under Swarnim Gujarat from 21-07-2009 to 21-08-2009. The students were trained in Karate, Judo, Kung Fu, and wrestling.

Saurashtra University had organized elocution, drawing and essay writing competition under this dream vision of Swarnim Gujarat. An interclass competition in all categories was organized to select the participant for the inter college event on 5/8/2008. A total of 41 students participated in three competitions. Drawing competition was judged by Shri B.K. Ladva and Shri R. M. Soni. Essay writing competition was judged by Dr. Miraben Bhatt and Dr. K. G. Vyas. Elocution competition was judged by Shri Renuben Yagnik and Shri Sulabhaben Pandya.


The winners were:


Elocution Competition:

Shahi Shivani (S. Y. B.Sc.) : First

Nayakpara Puja (S.Y.Bsc) : Second

Gosai Dipika (S.Y.Bsc.) : Third

Essay Writing Competition:

Sanja Chandni (S. Y. B.Sc.) : First
Yadav Unnati (F.Y. B.Sc.) : Second Raiyani Nirali (F.Y. B.Sc.) : Third

Drawing Competition:

Karia Nisha (T.Y.B.Sc.-Micro) : First
Parmar Jyoti (T.Y. BSc. -Micro) : Second
Kalaria Krishna (T.Y.BSc. -Micro) : Third
Ms. Mausami Nandha stood first, Ms. Chandni Sanja stood second and Ms. Upma Patoliya stood third in quiz held by college under “Gyan Dhara”.
Ms. Dipika Gosai stood third at cluster level in essay competition held under Gyan Dhara – a programme of the Government of Gujarat for celebrating the fifty years of Gujarat’s formation.
The students participated in Swarnim Gujarat Marathon Run organized by the Municipal Corporation of Rajkot.

Various competitions were held at district, zone and state level in which sudents gave excellent performance and won several prizes.

Group Dance – 1st position at all three levels
Mime- 1st position at all three levels
Light vocal solo – 1st position at district and zone levels
Group song – 2nd position at district level
Folk song – 2nd position at district level